Born of the principle “Because cats love Kawara, right?”, Sansyu Noyasu Co., Ltd., a 100-year-old Sansyu kawara manufacturer established in 1913, created a cat house called “Kawara Neko,” crafted from the same traditional Sansyu tile-making techniques that have been in use since the Edo period.
It was inspired by the sight of a cat sleeping comfortably on top of kawara.
“Kawara Neko” combines traditional techniques with innovative ideas to provide a comfortable space for cats around the world.

Sansyu kawara tradition maintained since the Edo period江戶時代傳承至今的 傳統三州瓦

The Sansyu Mikawa region’s Takahama City is Japan’s biggest roof tile production area.
Located at the Yahagi River delta, the company maintains the traditional techniques carried on since the old days of Edo.

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Born from the skilled handiwork of Oni-kawara artisans源自於鬼瓦工匠的 精巧手藝

“Kawara Neko” are handcrafted by artisans who work on each Oni-kawara (decorative ridge-end roof tile) individually, one at a time. Each tile is a unique masterpiece of exacting handwork. 「瓦貓」出自於細心雕刻一塊塊鬼瓦的工匠手中。精巧手藝,造就獨一無二的逸品。

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Designed to make cats happy經過考究設計 貓咪喜愛的環境

Cats love dark and quiet spaces. The windows of these houses are cut out by hand by oni-kawara craftsmen, and your cat will find the light coming in most soothing. 貓咪最喜歡黑暗安靜的空間。鬼瓦工匠手工切出一塊塊的窗口撒入的光線,也能安撫貓咪。

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Invulnerable to cats’ claws任貓咪磨爪 也不會損傷

Knowing cats’ habit of sharpening their claws, we make “Kawara Neko” with extremely durable clay that is invulnerable to claw marks, a characteristic that symbolizes strength. 考慮到貓咪有磨爪的習慣,陶製「瓦貓」的特徵是耐用又堅固,任貓咪磨爪也不會留下爪痕。

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