Solar Power System

Sansyu Noyasu helps you help the Earth.

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Secret in the form

Solar cell modules increase the effective use of sunlight. Enhanced wind resistance means more available installation space. Expanding the light receiving area, improvements to the main electrode, and use of low-reflection glass increases light uptake. That smart form is a perfect match for Sansyu Noyasu’s flat kawara. The roof’s original beauty remains unchanged and blends into the surrounding scenery.

Picture Diary

A picture diary from childhood. No matter what page I read over again, I remember the pictures of a big, beautiful sun. How many years have passed since then? Now our world faces the urgent problems of global warming and dwindling fuel supplies. Environmental considerations are crucial as well. However, addressing these environmental issues is actually not all that difficult. Right—we can get a little help from that big, beautiful sun! It’s a comfortable, safe, economical way to help curb global warming. That is what Sansyu Noyasu’s solar power generation system offers.